Wearing white all year round and other rules to shatter.

I am ready to make a declaration to you. Contrary to popular belief, there is really NO right and WRONG with regards to fashion. Following strict old school rules has become as antiquated as the rotary dial phone and phonebooks (SWEAR!) I have completely shattered all rules that were passed along to me from my prior generation.

Candace Rosenberg - Personal Fashion Stylist - New York - New Jersey - Connecticut - Candace Kristin

Denim: AG /Sweater: Jcrew/ Boots: Michael Kors /Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Watch: Ulysse Nardin / Fur: vintage / Clutch: custom snake skin in NYC / Ring: Carrera y Carrera/ Necklace: Gito Englewood NJ


I have embraced mixing metals (silver and gold). I wear peep toe shoes almost all year round. One of my many mottos is “toes unless it snows”. My favorite color combination is the forbidden navy coupled with black. And, I LOVE wearing white all year round (yes pre and post labor day). This old age rule is a thing of the past. White is a huge part of designers collections on and off the runway for fall/winter 2014 season. As well as trending high on pintrest from novice purveyors of style. Wearing white all year oozes confidence. Coco Chanel famously wore white whenever she wanted, so why shouldn’t we?

When wearing white in cold weather climates, choose pieces in appropriate fabrics for the season: wools, tweeds, chunky knits, leather and soft sweaters. Avoid linen, thin jersey cotton and silk. Try mixing shades, pair white with cream or off white. Its even acceptable to pull out your white denim. Select a boot cut or straight leg and avoid a cropped capris style exposing bare leg. With regards to shoe options for white jeans I prefer putting on tan/brown boots or booties. Why not try selecting a cream dress or matching separates and pair with black tights and pumps (chic)! When sporting white in the winter you will need to be crafty. It can be a bit annoying dodging sand, salty slush and snow. However the fashion rewards far outweigh the negatives.

As a stylist, I do however have set in stone guidelines, (not rules per se) but rather the voice of fashion reasoning. For the love of (insert a person/thing of worship here), please help me clean up our daily runways (aka streets) and try to abided by the following:

  • One does not need to pile on the animal prints by wearing a leopard shirt, zebra shoes and snake skin belt. Pick one animal and build your outfit around it.
  • Matching your handbag to your belts and shoes is a sure fire way to look dated. Mix it up. The matchie-matchie club is boring.
  • I am going to get some slack for this one, but before your send me a disgruntled email hear me out. When donning nylons/tights there is no need to wear open toe shoes/sandals. Why? If you feel the need to

    wear nylon (due to weather conditions or enjoy the control top), just pair with a pump. Nylon fabric pushing out of the sandal is a major 911 especially when the toe seam is visible.

As always I hope I have inspired you. If I have send me a picture or a message!


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