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I am very excited to share that I was selected as the official stylist during fashion week for The London NYC hotel. The London NYC is the preferred hotel partner for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City where designers will preview fall styles, February 6-13, 2014.

The London NYC is debuting a package exclusively designed with me, called the Ultimate Runaway Package.

» Please visit the London NYC web site and check out the Ultimate Runway Package!

Spring 2014 Menswear Trends (well the wearable ones!)

It is no surprise that men’s fashion is a sweet spot for me. I have the privilege to work with many fantastic male clients. Men are becoming more experimental than ever with their personal style and hiring people to help them navigate through the “fashion” waters. Designers are responding by producing contemporary takes on traditional designs. In turn, menswear has come a long way in the last several decades, and I LOVE IT!

Jacket:Tallia / Shirt: Bugatchi / Belt: Trafalgar / Pants: Faconnable / Shoes: Cole Haaun

Jacket:Tallia / Shirt: Bugatchi / Belt: Trafalgar / Pants: Faconnable / Shoes: Cole Haaun / Timepiece: Ulysse Nardin | Fashion were provided by Sal Lauretta for Men, in Midland Park, NJ, (201-444-1666) and Photography: by Eric De Rosa Photography

Here are a few of my favorite trends for the season:

1.) Color Explosion: designers have showcased bright hues in their staples from sweatshirts and t-shirts to more formal ensembles. Suiting has gone from grey scale to full-blown color like indigo blue, green and pastels.

- How to wear it: if opting to try a colored suit, make sure it is a lightweight wool or cotton/linen blend. Tone down your shirt and shoes with neutral color.

2.) Floral/prints: borrowing from the women, flowers and graphic prints have made their way into menswear this season. The floral motif for the men however is much darker and bolder, less bright and delicate. A much more masculine approach to the petal trend.

- How to wear it: Rather than grab the stripe or checked shirt, reach for one with a floral pattern. Wear it with denim or under a suit.

3.) Double-Breasted Jacket Modernized: Hugh Hefner must be stoked, as his favorite blazer has made its return. Scrap the matching pants and just wear the jacket. Buy one in an interesting color with ticket pockets.

- How to wear it: Fit is key, it must be well tailored following your natural V-shape and shorter to give it a hipper edge. This will ensure you look on trend and not like you pulled it out of the back of your closet from the 80’s. Unlike that memorable decade shoulder pads are NOT a must here.

4.) Seersucker Modified: Jamie Foxx nailed the new seersucker trend at the recent Kentucky Derby (worth it to Google the image). His jacket was a mix of several colors in the classic fabric. This is a suit to have fun with and not a boardroom powerhouse look, but a nice clean summer one.

- How to wear it: Fit is key here too in order to nail this trend. Leave the bow tie at home, ditch the socks, add a color v-neck t-shirt and pair with a cool pair of canvas sneakers. If the classic light blue and white seersucker loved by southern lawyers not your thing, try the navy on navy pinstripe.

Jacket: Tallia  / Pants: AG / Shirt: Psycho Bunny / Shoes: Donald J. Pliner

Jacket: Tallia / Pants: AG / Shirt: Psycho Bunny / Shoes: Donald J. Pliner / Timepiece: Giuliano Mazzuoli | Fashion were provided by < Sal Lauretta for Men, in Midland Park, NJ, (201-444-1666) and Photography: by Eric De Rosa Photography[/caption] 5.) The Self-Cuffed Pant: the cuff is on a steady rise for this season. It can be applied to nearly anything from denim pants to shorts.

- How to wear it: make sure you start with a slim fit pant. You want this look to be fashionable and not that you are avoiding puddles.

The cuff should be 1-2 inches, rolled neat and just above the anklebone.


6.) Masculine Man Bags: no longer just a woman’s accessory, man bags are masculine, handsome and a great addition to a contemporary wardrobe. Now men do not need to shove crap in their pockets, it can be tossed into a great looking briefcase, tote, duffle or folio. There has never been a better time to invest in a bag that suits YOUR needs. However, I prefer a bag without a shoulder strap but rather with handles, a bit more modern. Please, whatever you do just don’t call it a man purse, very emasculating!

[caption id="attachment_883" align="alignleft" width="585"]Shirt: Circle of gentlemen / Jacket: Circle / Pants: AG / Watch: Ulysse Nardin/ Shoes: Donald J. Pliner Shirt: Circle of gentlemen / Jacket: Circle / Pants: AG / Shoes: Donald J. Pliner / Timepiece: Breitling for Bentley | Fashion were provided by Sal Lauretta for Men, in Midland Park, NJ, (201-444-1666) and Photography: by Eric De Rosa Photography

7.) Lapel Pins: many designers have incorporated this chic accessory into their collections. Lapel pins provide a great opportunity to stand out and achieve a look that is personal, fresh and original. It’s an occasion to make a fashion statement, show good taste and an eye for detail. I have seen many different variations of pins, from flowers, bows, sculls and gems. If you want to be very bold include a pin and a pocket square to your look.

Timepieces: Ulysse Nardin

Timepieces: Ulysse Nardin

8.) The Timepiece: sport/diver watch: meant to be waterproof while scuba diving in deep waters, but also great appeal for the man above sea level. Look for details, rubberized band, unidirectional rotating bezel and one or more sub-dials. This classic watch is making resurgence as it can be worn both dressed up or casual.

I hope I have inspired you gentleman, which I fully recognize it is hard to do! If I have done so, please message me or send me a picture.

Happy Fathers Day to you!!

A HUGE thank you to Sal Lauretta for Men, in Midland Park, New Jersey for providing me with stellar mens fashions for this shoot. If you are in the area I highly suggest you pop on in. Fantastic fashions and unbelievable people to help assist you. I am very gracious to the Timepiece Collection, in Englewood, New Jersey for furnishing me with beautiful timepieces. Another BIG thank you to Mark and Charli Goldstein, my two gorgeous and rock star models. Lastly, I would like to thank Preakness Hills Country Club, in Wayne, New Jersey to shoot on their beautiful fair grounds.


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