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I am very excited to share that I was selected as the official stylist during fashion week for The London NYC hotel. The London NYC is the preferred hotel partner for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City where designers will preview fall styles, February 6-13, 2014.

The London NYC is debuting a package exclusively designed with me, called the Ultimate Runaway Package.

» Please visit the London NYC web site and check out the Ultimate Runway Package!

Handbags 101, my top picks for this season and a look inside my very own tote

I am a handbag freak! There I said it and I’ll say it again, I am a HUGE handbag freak! I’m willing to guess (bet you the price of a Chanel) that many of you feel the same. I often find myself looking for my new carryall and searching online for inspiration. I’ve been known to surf designers websites, Pintrest and recently my favorite Rue La La’ s handbag 101 style guide. I send my clients there when they are in a quandary as to which handbag style best suits their needs. They break down the fundamentals of each style and provide care instruction for keeping your bag as fresh as the day you got it. If you are in the market to purchase a designer handbag they also offer tips to check for authenticity of each brand. If you are going to spend your entire paycheck (no judging here, I’ve done it plenty of times) on a bag make sure it’s legit!

Rue La La Bags

Rue La La HandBag 101

Yes, I can admit (cough) that I watch reality television and I LOVE to see how others live and a peek inside their personal lives. Likewise, I find it interesting to see the contents of peoples bags and US Weekly portrays it well in their pages that show the inside of celebrity handbags. Some of you carry light (yeah definitely not me, heck NO), however I (especially during daytime hours) side on carrying everything including the kitchen sink, because you just never know!

As a stylist and mother…A peek inside my acheter viagra own bag:

Chanel Bag

TOTE: Large Chanel Shopper, WALLET: Phillip Lim, MAKE-UP CASE: Medium Louis Vuitton make-up case, PEN and “A” Initial KEY RING: Alexandra Knight, SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban, BANGLE: J Crew

What are must have items: I totally admit that I am a walking pharmacy. I am not just talking about Advil, at any given time I have small travel sizes of MY essentials; Cortisone cream, Neosporin ointment, Batman Band-Aids, hand sanitizer, hand cream, boogie wipes and deodorant. Ok, before you judge me let me tell you that I have a six year old boy with two left feet and I experiment with several anti-aging products that leave my face a bit charred at times (thus the reason for ointments and creams).

Other key essentials: I swear one quarter of my paycheck goes to Bobbie Brown makeup (I continue to wait for a personal hand-written thank you from her). I’ve purchased enough Bellini #14 high shimmer gloss to definitely circle the globe and cannot move without it! Ray Ban aviator sunnies is another key ingredient that makes up my well-balanced purse. Also at any given time, I have jewelry scattered in my bag just in case I feel the need to add a bit more glamour to my workout wear before heading into the grocery.

Skull Clutch

Skull Clutch: Alexander McQueen

The most random things floating in my bag: As a stylist at any given point, I find binder clips at the bottom of my bag, a survival tool for photo shoots to properly fit a garment or a quick hem on a clients shopping excursion. I can also find Matchbox cars and green army men parked in between the pockets of my bag dropped in by my son. As he needs HIS key essentials too!

Do I change my handbag: I change my handbag about as many times as the wind changes direction. I truly believe the purse helps complete my entire look and therefore should change to match the outfit, either day to night or seasonally. See my above clutch for a typical evening out.

Drum roll please….the bags I am now coveting and hope to add to my ever growing museum size collection of purses (hey we all have vices).

Cream Chloe Cross Bag

Cross Body Bag: Chloe “Marcie Small”

Cross Body Bag: Chloe “Marcie Small”

I love the simple lines and color of this cross body bag.

Red Tote

Tote: Michael Kors “Jet Set Traveler, Saffiano leather”

Tote: Michael Kors “Jet Set Traveler, Saffiano leather”

I love the crisp bright red color of this tote and a great size to toss in your entire life!

Butterfly Clutch

Clutch: Alice and Olivia “Butterfly Me Clutch”

Clutch: Alice and Olivia “Butterfly Me Clutch”

Only carry clutches at night, I am a butterfly girl and I’m a sucker for anything that contains that motif. This one is perfect and high on my list of must haves!

Black YSL Bag

Bag: Saint Laurent Small Emmanuelle Fringed Bucket Bag

My I gotta have it, must get it, can’t wait ANY LONGER…

Bag: Saint Laurent Small Emmanuelle Fringed Bucket Bag

Why, because in my world it’s just (insert a word that would make you mother blush, here) COOL! So not practical but who cares, sometimes fashion is not practical and I’m fine with that.

I would like to thank Rue La La for asking me to be a style partner for this special Blog “Handbag 101 and What’s in Yours.” I am beyond honored to represent such an outstanding fashion destination. Each day they curate boutiques filled with the best of the best in women’s and men’s fashion, home, kids and travel. If you are not a member, I highly suggest you head over to and become one (its free and takes one second).

As always I hope I have inspired you. I gave you all a bit of insight into my personal life and I LOVE SHARING and EQUALLY love hearing back from you!

xo- CK

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