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I am very excited to share that I was selected as the official stylist during fashion week for The London NYC hotel. The London NYC is the preferred hotel partner for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City where designers will preview fall styles, February 6-13, 2014.

The London NYC is debuting a package exclusively designed with me, called the Ultimate Runaway Package.

» Please visit the London NYC web site and check out the Ultimate Runway Package!

Add style to your daily workout threads- oh yeah!

Oh I’m going to get in trouble with what is about to be declared, but here it goes…. I (Candace Kristin) am over women wearing faded, ill fitting, overly worn and tattered workout clothes morning, noon and night. It’s time to clean up our daily “runway” (aka the streets) and start taking a cue from Parisian gals. I get it, whether you workout or not, it’s easy to fall into the routine by waking up, reaching for clothes that are easy, not difficult to think about and one step above pajamas. I did just about the same not to long ago.


Jacket and Pants: Lululemon / Vest: Uniqlo / Scarf: Rude Riders Hollywood / Platform sneaker: Ash / Sunglasses: Tom Ford / Bag: Deux Lux / Watch: Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer


Recently, on a trip to Paris, I discovered that the only people I witnessed wearing their Nike running sneakers (all day) were fellow Americans. I’m not saying that we need don heels, skirts and a silk scarf (after hitting the gym), but try putting a little “style” in the workout uniform. An outfit you can take from treadmill or child’s pose to afternoon coffee or running errands. If you choose to live in your “lulu” threads (not judging I do it too) by adding a bit of tweaking you can look chic all day. The good news is athletic designers are creating fashionable apparel to inspire you well beyond the gym.

Style up your workout clothing by these simple steps:

• With retailers/boutiques such as Lululemon, Athleta, Sweaty Betty, Emily Hsu Designs, Carbon 38 you can purchase dashing athletic attire from head to toe that will amp up your a-game stylishly.

• Toss aside your boring grey sweatshirt and go for a hip off the shoulder one, bold in color with a fun motif (like skulls, butterflies or a heart). Bonus if you find one with a little sparkle adornment.

• An easy way to take your simple gym clothes from drab to fab is adding layers. Put on a fun scarf paired with a zip-up hoodie and throw over a faux fur vest or bright puffer vest (why not)?

•Pack your running sneakers in a separate bag and head to the gym in slip-on leather flats, cool metallic hunter boots (if raining) or kicked-up UGGS (not the plain ones please, leave those for the 12 year olds)!

• To add pizzazz to your workout attire, make sure your bag is just as chic. Throw your water bottle, wallet, MP3 player and other necessities into a cool looking vessel. Something that could hold up to its own tough workout and still look great while lunching. Look for materials like durable leather or nylon. My new gym bag obsession is MZ Wallace.

• Grab fashionable headphones. You can now listen to your tunes in style by sporting cool listening devices. Look at companies like hip-hop designed Beats, Ankit’s playful donuts earbuds as well as their Galaxy floral motif headsets (FUN). Another personal favorite is the rose gold Frends.

• Finally add a pair of cool shades, aka sunnies. I tend to use my motto here “go big or go home” and look for oversized frames. Like Tom Ford, Marc by Marc Jacobs or grab a pair of Ray-Bans. They are a sure fire hit to complete a chic athletic look.

As always, I hope I have inspired you to look outside your comfort zone and try something new. Empowering YOU makes me beyond happy. -xo CK

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