Obsessed by Menswear

I am currently obsessed, and I do mean obsessed, with integrating menswear into my personal style. I have been stealing my husband’s pocket squares and shoving them into my blazer breast pocket prior to walking out the door for months now. Borrowing from the boys is a time honored tradition. Look at Katherine Hepburn who wore a Brooks Brothers turtleneck paired with mens “trousers” in public years before it was vogue for women to wear a pantsuit. How about Diane Keaton as Annie Hall with her perfection of menswear with wide leg trouser pants, bow ties and bowler hats. And we can not discuss “borrowing from the boys” without a mention of Bianca Jagger in her seriously sick and uber chic white suits she wore to Studio 54. Breathtaking really!

Jewelry (menswear)

Shirt: Anne Fontaine Paris / Pocket scarf: Sal Lauretta for Men / Sweater vest: Theory / Blazer: J Crew / Watch necklace: Bovet / Bangles: J Crew and vintage cuff

I have decided to pay my homage to “stealing from the boys” by pairing a tweed blazer with a tailored skinny dark denim (cuffed at the bottom) with a men’s-style oxford shoe (minus the socks). Under my tweed blazer a french cuff white shirt, I again went and stole a pair of cuff links out of my husband’s closet (sorry babe). To finish the look, I shoved in the breast pocket a vibrant colored silk pocket square. I have also discovered the flower lapel pin (amen is what I want to shout out). Not only do I think this super cool trend looks great on a man, but also on ME! These pins come in a multitude of colors and textures (from tweed, silk and even wood). By just adding a flower lapel pin can simply bring a woman’s black blazer from “drab to fab” in about as fast as you can say “gorgeous”.

Jewelry (menswear)

Coat: BCBG / Pants: What Goes Around Comes Around / Clutch: Worth / Sunglasses: Tom Ford

I am aware, however, that when pulling this look off I need to make sure I still look feminine. I will apply a little extra red lip stick or throw a couple of curls in my hair. I will also make sure I include a big “girlie” accessory, like a statement ring or stacked bracelets. To accomplish the menswear look; pair cuffed pants, a classic crisp white “brooks brothers shirt” with killer heels, a bow tie, awesome statement earrings and maybe a fedora hat (AWESOME). Or try a dress coupled with a tuxedo jacket (and a flower lapel). Remember the look is “menswear inspired” not menswear. The biggest key is making sure your look is tailored and well fitted to your shape “figure flattering” Unlike the men who tend to swim in suits. When donning their style you need to make sure your “borrowed look” is well tailored. His clothes – your style!

To perfect this style you must be sure you have balance. Like life – the key to following a fashion trend is all about balance. If you go overboard you will look like you tried to hard. That’s a hot mess!

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