Why I love pearls…and think you should too!

“Pearls are always appropriate”

Jackie Kennedy


Pearls: Laguna Pearl / Earrings: Chanel / Shirt: 5 Twelve / Jeans: AG Adriano Goldschmeid Shoes: Steve Madden



Oh, I not only 10,000 percent agree with Queen of Camelot’s statement, but I continue to proudly shout her words of wisdom. For anyone who knows me past, present and (for certain future) is cognizant that I worship (big word) pearls. These treasures of the sea are a must have staple of mine, ever since my grammy bestowed a pair to me at the age of twelve. There was a solid decade that I wore some type of pearl accessory daily and considered it my “signature,” still do. I went through all 4 collegiate years, first dates, job interviews, in fact, every milestone of my life wearing these iridescent beads. They simply have become part of me. When donning, I instantly feel sophisticated, elegant and well pretty. Jackie O would have been pleased for sure. May sound a little crazy my pearl obsession, however totally normal to me and well to Coco Chanel who said “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” (Agreed!)

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.”

Coco Chanel


Pearls: Laguna Pearls / Shoes: Ted Baker / Shirt: Zara / Jeans: Hudson


“Every woman should own a gorgeous pair of pearls.”

Candace Kristin (hehe)

How to think outside the style box with regards to pearls:


Perfect placement of a brooch attached your multi strain of pearls.


Pearl rings


Great example of stacking different sized,shaped and color pearls. Also love the way they are cascading around her neck.

Mix metals with your gems: For a trendy look, pair your pearls with other necklaces such as chunky chains, rhinestones, simple gold lariats and bayer levitra uk mg other gem stones. This certainly will create a statement. Talk about instant pizzazz and a look that is totally “street fab worthy”.


Pile on your pearls: Make Coco proud and layer on your pearls. Stack multiple strands of pearls of different sizes, shapes and colors. This look can be worn with day and night outfits as well as a necklace or bracelet combination. You can choose to cluster the stands together on your neck to create a thick statement or add a layering affect by having the stands cascading. The classic white hue should not be your only go to color. To create impact, mix the traditional color gem with black, grey and even pastels colors.


Blend your trends: If you are a girl that would rather opt for a more modern approach to the classic bead, no problem! Now more than ever, companies have created pieces that are a far cry from your “grandma’s” simple stands and studded pearl earrings. As of recent, designers entice us to buy wrap around earring cuffs and exaggerated oversized pearls. For a non-traditional look, wrap your beads around your head. This is perfect for attending a festival in LA or channeling your inner bohemian gal.


Add Impact: Grab a rhinestone brooch and clip it to your pearl necklace, even better if you add multiple stands. This is a sure fire way of bringing your simple pearls from traditional drab to modern fab with a simple adornment. Placement is key; make sure your attachment is off centered closer to the collarbone. You want to look like it’s off symmetrical and less fussy.


I would like to thank Laguna Pearl for providing me with a beautiful pearl necklace. I am truly honored and will proudly wear them with a smile on my face. I hand selected a couple of my favorite products to feature within this blog. Even in the world of pearls my motto “go big or go home” applies here, check out that gorgeous ring! I am also coveting those stunning earrings, they have hit the top of my must have list, hopefully yours too. Laguna Pearl’s online business has been around for two decades and chooses to sell directly to the consumer at prices that would make anyone happy. We “continually thrive on providing high quality pearl jewelry products with the best customer service on the Internet.” Another huge bonus about Laguna Pearl is their customer service. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and to me that is worth its weight in gold. Their high quality pearl jewelry products truly stand out as a wonderful accessory with any type of style. I highly suggest you head on over to www.lagunapearl.com.

As always I hope I inspired you. If so send me a picture or message. xo-CK


Mix your metals with your pearls. Watch: Hublot / Shirt and Jean: J Crew: Bracelets: Stella and Dot, and vintage.



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