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How to wear your grandma’s vintage fur (or someone else’s)

Candace Kristin mink stole casual

denim: J brand / blazer: Theory / belt w scarf: Cristella / shoes: Brian Atwood / watch: Ulysse Nardin / sunglasses: Tom Ford

My grandfather said it best..”ones man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. I am certain that statement holds true with my Grandma’s hand-me-down circa 1963 brown mink stole. I also think my grandfathers quote rings true with consignment shopping. I am a huge and I do mean huge consignment shopper. Why you ask? My response is why not?? I’m not afraid to admit that some of my most prized wardrobe pieces (aka, nuggets) come from popping in and out of consignment stores when I happen to stumble upon one. One can find amazing vintage designer accessories, clothing and furs (like my grandmas) for a fraction of the price. The really good consignment stores will only sell items that are in excellent condition, gently “used” and often never worn with tags (SCORE).

Candace Kristin mink belt

jumpsuit: Young Fabulous & Broke / belt: Gito Englewood, NJ / necklace: So Sweet Jewels / bracelets: J. Crew and vintage / purse: Alexander McQueen

One day while browsing in my very favorite consignment store, I picked up a vintage fur (similar to my grandma’s) and thought “how can I translate this super chic vintage fur piece into my wardrobe today?” A light bulb went off and I went home in search of the one bestowed to me 15 years ago that was just sitting in my wardrobe. As I was shifting through the very back and darkest section of my closet (the area perfectly described as the closet black hole). I know you are chuckling as we all have one or two drawers where things seem to get lost forever. I found the stole and pulled it out (YES!). I took it to one of my closest friends (AKA, my tailor) and had it cleaned, relined and mended. Once it was returned, I started figuring out how to incorporate my new found piece into my personal style.

Candice Kristin Stole Fashion

jumpsuit: Young Fabulous & Broke / belt: Gito Englewood, NJ / necklace: So Sweet Jewels / bracelets: J. Crew and vintage / purse: Alexander McQueen / shoes: Gucci / sunglass: Ray Ban Aviator

I discovered that wearing the stole just draped over my shoulders felt dated just like the way it was donned when first purchased in the 1960s. In order to bring your vintage piece to today try pairing with a belt. Don’t just wear it with a dress for going out, but try it casual over a blazer and denim. Or tossing it over a cashmere turtleneck sweater and long casual skirt with a shoe bootie (instant chic!) How about changing the inside lining to a light pink silk or animal print that you can purchase from a local fabric store. Pin a really chic statement brooch onto your fur and pair it with an all black outfit underneath (aka, a black out).  SUPER FAB.

Candace Kristin belt jewelry mink fur

denim: J brand / blazer: Theory / belt w scarf: Cristella / watch: Ulysse Nardin / bracelets: J. Crew and vintage / ring: Carrera y Carrera

Perhaps I have inspired you to pull out your vintage hand-me-down or head to a consignment store and to find one. However upon entering the shop, remember my grandfather’s quote while browsing. If you tried my suggestion I would love to know, send me a photo or leave me a message! xo- ck

Obsessed by Menswear

I am currently obsessed, and I do mean obsessed, with integrating menswear into my personal style. I have been stealing my husband’s pocket squares and shoving them into my blazer breast pocket prior to walking out the door for months now. Borrowing from the boys is a time honored tradition. Look at Katherine Hepburn who wore a Brooks Brothers turtleneck paired with mens “trousers” in public years before it was vogue for women to wear a pantsuit. How about Diane Keaton as Annie Hall with her perfection of menswear with wide leg trouser pants, bow ties and bowler hats. And we can not discuss “borrowing from the boys” without a mention of Bianca Jagger in her seriously sick and uber chic white suits she wore to Studio 54. Breathtaking really!

Jewelry (menswear)

Shirt: Anne Fontaine Paris / Pocket scarf: Sal Lauretta for Men / Sweater vest: Theory / Blazer: J Crew / Watch necklace: Bovet / Bangles: J Crew and vintage cuff

I have decided to pay my homage to “stealing from the boys” by pairing a tweed blazer with a tailored skinny dark denim (cuffed at the bottom) with a men’s-style oxford shoe (minus the socks). Under my tweed blazer a french cuff white shirt, I again went and stole a pair of cuff links out of my husband’s closet (sorry babe). To finish the look, I shoved in the breast pocket a vibrant colored silk pocket square. I have also discovered the flower lapel pin (amen is what I want to shout out). Not only do I think this super cool trend looks great on a man, but also on ME! These pins come in a multitude of colors and textures (from tweed, silk and even wood). By just adding a flower lapel pin can simply bring a woman’s black blazer from “drab to fab” in about as fast as you can say “gorgeous”.

Jewelry (menswear)

Coat: BCBG / Pants: What Goes Around Comes Around / Clutch: Worth / Sunglasses: Tom Ford

I am aware, however, that when pulling this look off I need to make sure I still look feminine. I will apply a little extra red lip stick or throw a couple of curls in my hair. I will also make sure I include a big “girlie” accessory, like a statement ring or stacked bracelets. To accomplish the menswear look; pair cuffed pants, a classic crisp white “brooks brothers shirt” with killer heels, a bow tie, awesome statement earrings and maybe a fedora hat (AWESOME). Or try a dress coupled with a tuxedo jacket (and a flower lapel). Remember the look is “menswear inspired” not menswear. The biggest key is making sure your look is tailored and well fitted to your shape “figure flattering” Unlike the men who tend to swim in suits. When donning their style you need to make sure your “borrowed look” is well tailored. His clothes – your style!

To perfect this style you must be sure you have balance. Like life – the key to following a fashion trend is all about balance. If you go overboard you will look like you tried to hard. That’s a hot mess!

The well organized closet

Do you wake up every morning and mumble the same sentence over and over again, “I have nothing to wear and my closet is a complete mess?” Come on..don’t lie to yourself or me! Once upon a time my very own closet was a cluttered disaster. I have also been in and seen many, so have no fear….I can help! It is very important for me to see the state of your closet (in it’s current condition). I also ask that you STOP SHOPPING and put the credit card away until after our introduction.

candace kristin - a well organized closet

Dress: Alexis / Necklaces: BCBG and J Crew

Why? Because, after much research I have discovered that people literally wear less than half their existing wardrobe. They just keep buying and buying and shoving more inside their already cramped and cluttered closet. There are many reasons why people do this. They do not know how to wear the other half of their wardrobe or certain pieces are dated and ill fitting. I promise (and that is big) that I will come in and personally style you out of your wardrobe and especially adding the pieces you are not wearing. I vow to put together 10+ complete head to toe outfits that you never knew existed without spending one extra dollar.

I often said a cluttered closet is a cluttered head. One on my best tools is my complete honesty. (I am not there to blow sunshine up your arse.) I can help guide you down the path to your own personal style. Closets are part of this path. I really try to help people cure their closets and simplify their lives. My process as to how I will achieve this:

  • FIRST, before I meet you in person, I will have you complete a 25 question worksheet. This will give me a sense of your current wardrobe, your fashion challenges, and most importantly – your personal style (yes, you have one!).
  • SECONDLY, we will schedule an in-home meeting in which I will assess your wardrobe and together we will conduct a three-point edit: keep, donate, toss. Often, garments you might be tempted to toss can be salvaged with a simple trip to the tailor.
  • NOW THE REAL FUN BEGINS. Together, we will build head-to-toe outfits from the pieces we chose to keep. I will document each outfit for your records.
  • IT DOESN’T STOP THERE. Once you become a client, I am available 24/7 via email or text. If you are shopping and need an opinion, you can send me a photo. If you have a quick fashion question, send me a text. I don’t charge for these “added extras” because it is important to me that my clients remain confident and excited about their fashion choices for the long haul.

I AGAIN promise that if you hire me you will wake up excited to open your closet!!! :-)

Candace Kristin Questionnaire

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