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The well organized closet

Do you wake up every morning and mumble the same sentence over and over again, “I have nothing to wear and my closet is a complete mess?” Come on..don’t lie to yourself or me! Once upon a time my very own closet was a cluttered disaster. I have also been in and seen many, so have no fear….I can help! It is very important for me to see the state of your closet (in it’s current condition). I also ask that you STOP SHOPPING and put the credit card away until after our introduction.

candace kristin - a well organized closet

Dress: Alexis / Necklaces: BCBG and J Crew

Why? Because, after much research I have discovered that people literally wear less than half their existing wardrobe. They just keep buying and buying and shoving more inside their already cramped and cluttered closet. There are many reasons why people do this. They do not know how to wear the other half of their wardrobe or certain pieces are dated and ill fitting. I promise (and that is big) that I will come in and personally style you out of your wardrobe and especially adding the pieces you are not wearing. I vow to put together 10+ complete head to toe outfits that you never knew existed without spending one extra dollar.

I often said a cluttered closet is a cluttered head. One on my best tools is my complete honesty. (I am not there to blow sunshine up your arse.) I can help guide you down the path to your own personal style. Closets are part of this path. I really try to help people cure their closets and simplify their lives. My process as to how I will achieve this:

  • FIRST, before I meet you in person, I will have you complete a 25 question worksheet. This will give me a sense of your current wardrobe, your fashion challenges, and most importantly – your personal style (yes, you have one!).
  • SECONDLY, we will schedule an in-home meeting in which I will assess your wardrobe and together we will conduct a three-point edit: keep, donate, toss. Often, garments you might be tempted to toss can be salvaged with a simple trip to the tailor.
  • NOW THE REAL FUN BEGINS. Together, we will build head-to-toe outfits from the pieces we chose to keep. I will document each outfit for your records.
  • IT DOESN’T STOP THERE. Once you become a client, I am available 24/7 via email or text. If you are shopping and need an opinion, you can send me a photo. If you have a quick fashion question, send me a text. I don’t charge for these “added extras” because it is important to me that my clients remain confident and excited about their fashion choices for the long haul.

I AGAIN promise that if you hire me you will wake up excited to open your closet!!! :-)

Candace Kristin Questionnaire

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