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Style 201: Mixing Prints, You Too Can Do It!

It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I ever thought about going against the fashion grain and mixing prints: plaids with polka dots, stripes with gingham and animal prints with floral. Minutes after I opened the door to one of fashions biggest risks, the payoffs were huge and my wardrobe doubled in size. I totally get it if you are apprehensive, as kids we were forced into matching (thanks to Granimals). I promise it’s worth the challenge and its a sure fire way to impress yourself (toot toot) and your fashion friends effortlessly.

Candace Kristin - Spring

Jacket: Jcrew / Shirt: Jcrew / Sweater: Theory / Denim: J brand / Shoes: Ann Taylor / Necklace: vintage Versace / Watch: Zenith / Sunglasses: Tahari


Guidelines for blending prints:

• Select your “core” piece and work the rest of your outfit around it. When choosing the rest of your ensemble make sure the next pattern you opt for is in the same color tones/palettes. As well, your outfit should have at least one color that will tie all together and run through the entire look, such as a white or black background.

• Scale is key; select a larger, bolder print and pair buy brand viagra with a smaller less dominant one. Wear a large flower printed shirt with a small pin striped pant. Try a tartan plaid and pair with a hounds tooth check, or chevron with a polka dot.

• Treat an animal print as a neutral. I know I said in a recent blog NOT to pile on the animal prints, but if you want to be daring you could combine two (ONLY TWO). Just make sure they are different animals, and that one is a louder print and the other softer/smaller. In order to successfully pull off this look you must keep your jewelry and accessories VERY simple.

• Start small, maybe you do not feel inclined to mixed two key pieces (such as a shirt and pants). Instead incorporate one of your prints in a coordinating accessory such as a scarf or clutch. Wear a striped pant and leopard bag.

• Still skeptical, try mixing textures. Pair lace with tweed, or ruffles with wool.


Shirt: Ralph Lauren Collection / Sweater: Theory / Pants: Raven / Shoes: Brian Atwood / Watch: Ulysse Nardin


As always I hope I have inspired you to look outside your comfort zone and try something new. Empowering YOU to look and feel great makes me beyond happy.

xo- CK

My Top 10 Spring 2014 Trends

As many of us are thawing out from the polar vortex and the warmer weather is here, it’s a perfect time to discuss the 2014 Spring trends. As I have said in the past and will continue to do so, I am “personal stylist” who is not a complete slave to trends. Don’t get me wrong, I do follow trends, I just don’t “buy” into all of them. I like to pick and choose the ones that work for my existing wardrobe and me. I have sifted through countless magazines, fashion blogs and Pinterest to help us navigate this seasons looks and how to wear them. The runway to real-way!

My Top Ten 2014 Spring Trends:

1: The Pantone Color #18-3224 Radiant Orchid: The people at The Pantone Color Institute have declared this years color and selected a rich and beautiful variation of purple. “Its an expressive, creative and embracing”, says Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director at the institute.

Purple Shirt

Shirt: Isabel Lu / Pants: Theory / Sunglasses: Dior / Necklace: vintage / Clutch: Alexander McQueen / Watch: Zenith Lady Pilot


How to wear it: It is definitely a very strong and bold color. If it looks too loud, try pairing with a subdued hue (cream, white or light wash denim) or simply try the color on your nails or lip.

2: Words on a Shirt: Say it out loud! Have your t-shirt or sweatshirt tell it like it is in a comic book like text or fun messages, however try to avoid political statements or brand phrases like “just do it”.
How to wear it: opt with a message or quote in French or clever word plays. Pair a statement t-shirt with a fitted blazer, a cuffed jean and shoe bootie, instant street style chic!

White Jacket

Shirt: J:crew / Blazer: Necessary Objects / Pants: Marc Jacobs / Belt: Diane von Furstenberg/ Cuff: Tiffany& Co. / Watch: Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer / Necklace: vintage


3:Jeweled Up: This season there is no shortage of sparkle. Even the simplest of silhouettes is getting a makeover with embellishments. Find a sweatshirt or dress that is haphazardly adored with gems. Put away the statement necklace and go for a statement shirt or dress.
How to wear it: Keep it to only one piece per outfit or it will be overkill.

4: Artsy Prints: The relationship between art and fashion is truly married this year. Think modern art with bold graphics and painterly pieces. This trend is for the woman who welcomes attracting attention, as these art inspired prints will certainly do.
How to wear it: If you want to go for the gusto, try the abstract print on a shirt, dress or modern shaped jacket (like a bomber). Not looking to stand out in the crowd then try the print in a pump, as many shoe designers have incorporated this into their Spring line.

5: Metallics: This fabric of choice was once only seen for stepping out after hours, it’s now found a place in the daytime light.
How to wear it: Go bold with a metallic moto jacket or dress. Choose a more subdued route with either ballet flats or purse/clutch.

6: Crop Top: This 80’s trend has been resurrected and could be a complete fashion nightmare if not done right.
How to wear it: Find a dress with small cutouts along the mid-drift (for an crop like appearance). If you feel daring, pair matching separates (shirt and high waist pencil skirt) with a crop barely skimming the top of the skirt. You will achieve the “trend” but still look classy. Not feeling in the mood to expose to much skin, pair a feminine crop top over a silk tank or a crisp white button down underneath.

7: Cobalt Blue: Another very strong color that is returning this season. A striking color and best paired with white or black to tone down the hue.
How to wear it: Pull out last years cobalt colored denim or find the hue in a dress or try it in an accessory such as a clutch or shoe. I personally

love it paired with turquoise or mint (bold but beautiful).

8: Garden Party: Like seasons past, once again this spring is full of floral prints (many with bright flowers against a black background). However, this years approach is a bit more in your face, with a head to toe look. Many designers have featured the print in tailored suits, silk jumpsuits and exquisite gowns.
How to wear it: This season the botanicals also made their way to denim (which I love). Pair them with a blazer and a pump for an evening look. Or try a floral skirt and add another pattern by incorporating the same color hue stripe shirt, very Parisian.

9: Pretty Pastels: Mint is one of the springs strongest light colored hue. Easily mixed with other colors, such as grey or navy and can be worn day or night.
How to wear it: Just make sure you break up the “sweetness” of the candy color and pair with a more structured shape like a fitted navy blazer or masculine light wash boyfriend jean. Or find a piece in the pastel that has a bit of edge like a leather jacket or cigarette pant breaking down the frilly factor. I would avoid pairing it with a heavy color like black.

10: Athletic Wear: Do not retire last seasons varsity jacket just yet! Designers have created athletic looking pieces NOT to be worn in the gym. You will see sport inspired clothing in fabrics such as neoprene, mesh and perforated leather.
To create balance, pair this trend with feminine pieces. Add a baseball hat to a chic blazer or a fitted sports jersey to a pair of leather pants and heels. Forgo the ponytail; this trend is not suppose to look like you actually went to the gym (just gym inspired).

As always I hope that I have inspired you and/or your closet. If I have done so don’t forget to send me a picture or message me.

xo- CK

When in Fashion Doubt – Do a Black Out

“Wearing black brings out the eyes on a woman”— Coco Chanel

In the recent months I have shared many of my favorite fashion mottos with you. I’d like to now reveal my all time favorite (why wait)….“ When in Fashion Doubt Do a BLACK OUT”. A ‘black out’ can be easily described by donning all or almost all black from head to toe. If you follow me on Pintrest (as many of you do), you will see that more than half my images under my ‘fashion/board’ are ‘black outs”. No, I am not trying to resurrect the 1990’s Marilyn Mansion goth trend (that was bad, real bad), nor am I in permanent mourning. However, is there any reason NOT to wear all black? I have asked myself that very question over and over and I still come up with the same answer, NOPE. After living in New York City for 10+ years I guess I’ve just adopted wearing all black, as that is the preferred uniform for big apple residents.

Candace Leather

Blazer: Theory / Turtleneck: Susan Monaco / Pants: Marc Jacobs / Watch: Ulysse Nardin / Pocket square: Edward Armah(Sal Lauretta for Men) / Flower lapin pin: Hook + Albert (Sal Lauretta for Men) / Rings: Meghan Fabulous / Bangles: vintage / Boots: Michael Kors


The “black out” is classic, reliable, chic, fool proof, ALWAYS in style and come on you know it helps hide the “bloat”. The all noir ensemble is flattering to all body types, skin tones and hair colors, dare I say PERFECTION! Plus when piling on all black your morning becomes flawlessly easy, limits the fashion closet crisis which ends in clothes tossed all over the floor (never good). The idea is to look effortless and cool, do not attempt the” black out” on a hot and sunny day. Otherwise, everything including your mascara will be a sweaty mess.

There are three key styling elements to mastering the “black out”. If you fall off course your look will turn dowdy and dated as fast as you can say “lights out”.

- Mix textures: You need to to mix your fabric textures to create depth and interest. Skip wearing all cotton (for the love of something holy…save that for the gym). Select an outfit that combines and layers textured materials such as leather, silk, satin, wool and cashmere. If you choose to wear tights/nylons select one with a black on black pattern, adds an element of style.

- Trace your shape: Fit is essential. Your pieces should fit your frame perfectly and your hems at the proper length, otherwise you will look frumpy. Make sure your proportions are on scale, pair a leather moto jacket with a slimming bottom or a wide leg trouser pant with a fitted top. Throw a large belt around a dress or jacket to accentuate your curves.

- Add a punch of levitra online reviews color: Include a touch of color by incorporating a leopard pointy toe pump, a cobalt clutch or a bright red lip. Let your all black outfit be a simple palette to show off your colorful statement necklace or bright chunky ring. Toss on a funky gold belt, multiple matching metallic bangles or a long gold necklace pendant and channel the always in fashion 1970’s vibe at Studio 54 (awesome).

I challenge you….head to your closet and pull out your best “black out”. Wear it to work, date night or skipping around town. I promise that you will feel as chic as the woman clicking her heels down Fifth Avenue. As always, I hope that I have inspired you to rethink your next outfit. If I have done so, don’t forget to send me a picture or message me!

xo -CK

Wearing white all year round and other rules to shatter.

I am ready to make a declaration to you. Contrary to popular belief, there is really NO right and WRONG with regards to fashion. Following strict old school rules has become as antiquated as the rotary dial phone and phonebooks (SWEAR!) I have completely shattered all rules that were passed along to me from my prior generation.

Candace Rosenberg - Personal Fashion Stylist - New York - New Jersey - Connecticut - Candace Kristin

Denim: AG /Sweater: Jcrew/ Boots: Michael Kors /Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Watch: Ulysse Nardin / Fur: vintage / Clutch: custom snake skin in NYC / Ring: Carrera y Carrera/ Necklace: Gito Englewood NJ


I have embraced mixing metals (silver and gold). I wear peep toe shoes almost all year round. One of my many mottos is “toes unless it snows”. My favorite color combination is the forbidden navy coupled with black. And, I LOVE wearing white all year round (yes pre and post labor day). This old age rule is a thing of the past. White is a huge part of designers collections on and off the runway for fall/winter 2014 season. As well as trending high on pintrest from novice purveyors of style. Wearing white all year oozes confidence. Coco Chanel famously wore white whenever she wanted, so why shouldn’t we?

When wearing white in cold weather climates, choose pieces in appropriate fabrics for the season: wools, tweeds, chunky knits, leather and soft sweaters. Avoid linen, thin jersey cotton and silk. Try mixing shades, pair white with cream or off white. Its even acceptable to pull out your white denim. Select a boot cut or straight leg and avoid a cropped capris style exposing bare leg. With regards to shoe options for white jeans I prefer putting on tan/brown boots or booties. Why not try selecting a cream dress or matching separates and pair with black tights and pumps (chic)! When sporting white in the winter you will need to be crafty. It can be a bit annoying dodging sand, salty slush and snow. However the fashion rewards far outweigh the negatives.

As a stylist, I do however have set in stone guidelines, (not rules per se) but rather the voice of fashion reasoning. For the love of (insert a person/thing of worship here), please help me clean up our daily runways (aka streets) and try to abided by the following:

  • One does not need to pile on the animal prints by wearing a leopard shirt, zebra shoes and snake skin belt. Pick one animal and build your outfit around it.
  • Matching your handbag to your belts and shoes is a sure fire way to look dated. Mix it up. The matchie-matchie club is boring.
  • I am going to get some slack for this one, but before your send me a disgruntled email hear me out. When donning nylons/tights there is no need to wear open toe shoes/sandals. Why? If you feel the need to

    wear nylon (due to weather conditions or enjoy the control top), just pair with a pump. Nylon fabric pushing out of the sandal is a major 911 especially when the toe seam is visible.

As always I hope I have inspired you. If I have send me a picture or a message!


Dress up your back? Why not!

I have often said sometimes a person should find the confidence to set a trend vs follow one. Why not try stepping out of your comfort zone, get a little crazy and attempt something different? Do something where people will emulate YOU vs the opposite. I dare you! Last spring I was planning an “ensemble” to wear to an upcoming party. I selected a stunner of a bright red draped dress, with a high gathered neckline in the front and a plunging open back. I was in a bit of a quandary regarding accessories. I could of course wear a big statement earring and cuff and call it a day, but I decided to get a bit ambitious. I put the dress on and started experimenting in front of my mirror (come on we all do it). I pulled out my BOVET timepiece that transforms into a necklace which I always throw on when I’m donning my menswear inspired garb (check out my recent blog if not familiar). I put it on,  contemplated for a second and flipped it onto my back. I pondered, could be super chic to wear a necklace in a place least expected. YES!.

Dress: Gracia   |  necklace: Bovet 1822 Timepiece

dress: Gracia | necklace: Bovet 1822 Timepiece

I would like to express that I considered wearing a back necklace prior to Jennifer Lawrence wearing her Chopard chain backwards at the 2013 Oscars. Though her doing so, only helped create a buzz which I would like to think in a very SMALL way I helped create too! Well at least in my universe.

Neither Jennifer Lawrence or I actually created the backward necklace trend per se but we just resurrected it. Like all great fashion trends, they come back just a bit tweaked from the the first time they were innovated.  I can not further this conversation without a mention of the great Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, who perfected this look with her little black dress and three stain pearls draped exquisitely on nape of her back or Princess Diana wearing her crushed amethys colored velveteen dress with a single strain of peals knotted and draped along her back in 1985 (SICK).

How to achieve this look one might ask? You do not need to be wearing a fancy gown with a plunging back. Try it with a deep v or scoop back sweater and a pair of jeans and sky high heels. Or perhaps a great casual jersey knit cotton dress that has a low back or large key hole paired with a wedge. Consider putting your hair in a slicked back pony tail or messy side bun to really show off your back jewels.

When looking for a necklace to wear front to back, I would suggest one with delicate clasp or none at all. If you select a necklace with a pendent make sure its not to big and heavy or it will be uncomfortable on the front of your neck (choking is not fashionable). Try for a chain length that falls around the 1/3 of your back. That is a great length to make an impression. If you opt to wear one more causal with a sweater, I would suggest pairing it with a simple lariat.

I might be asking you to think outside of the box. You can do it and if you do, don’t forget to send me a picture or shoot me a message. As always, I hope to inspire you. That makes me beyond happy (proud really).

xo- CK

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