Candace’s Bio

Candace RosenbergCandace Arslanian Rosenberg began her career in fashion as Fashion Director of Publishing at Child magazine where she co-created and produced the first-ever children’s fashion show under the tents at New York Fashion Week. She traveled to Europe for trend reporting and learned about the industry from the inside. Later at Allure magazine, she continued her involvement with fashion shows. These years of experience helped Candace realize that the fashion industry thrives on promoting trends rather than personal style, which contradicted her own philosophy.

Her belief that style is about enhancing and expressing one’s inner and outer self, not about achieving a look dictated by fashion media, drove her to pursue a career in personal styling. As the longtime “go-to” resource for friends and acquaintances seeking fashion advice and the recipient of numerous “Best Dressed” awards in community publications, the transition was a natural fit.

Through personal styling, Candace strives to empower women to look and feel like the best version of themselves. The process is as rewarding for her as it is for her clients.

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