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When in Fashion Doubt – Do a Black Out

“Wearing black brings out the eyes on a woman”— Coco Chanel

In the recent months I have shared many of my favorite fashion mottos with you. I’d like to now reveal my all time favorite (why wait)….“ When in Fashion Doubt Do a BLACK OUT”. A ‘black out’ can be easily described by donning all or almost all black from head to toe. If you follow me on Pintrest (as many of you do), you will see that more than half my images under my ‘fashion/board’ are ‘black outs”. No, I am not trying to resurrect the 1990’s Marilyn Mansion goth trend (that was bad, real bad), nor am I in permanent mourning. However, is there any reason NOT to wear all black? I have asked myself that very question over and over and I still come up with the same answer, NOPE. After living in New York City for 10+ years I guess I’ve just adopted wearing all black, as that is the preferred uniform for big apple residents.

Candace Leather

Blazer: Theory / Turtleneck: Susan Monaco / Pants: Marc Jacobs / Watch: Ulysse Nardin / Pocket square: Edward Armah(Sal Lauretta for Men) / Flower lapin pin: Hook + Albert (Sal Lauretta for Men) / Rings: Meghan Fabulous / Bangles: vintage / Boots: Michael Kors


The “black out” is classic, reliable, chic, fool proof, ALWAYS in style and come on you know it helps hide the “bloat”. The all noir ensemble is flattering to all body types, skin tones and hair colors, dare I say PERFECTION! Plus when piling on all black your morning becomes flawlessly easy, limits the fashion closet crisis which ends in clothes tossed all over the floor (never good). The idea is to look effortless and cool, do not attempt the” black out” on a hot and sunny day. Otherwise, everything including your mascara will be a sweaty mess.

There are three key styling elements to mastering the “black out”. If you fall off course your look will turn dowdy and dated as fast as you can say “lights out”.

- Mix textures: You need to to mix your fabric textures to create depth and interest. Skip wearing all cotton (for the love of something holy…save that for the gym). Select an outfit that combines and layers textured materials such as leather, silk, satin, wool and cashmere. If you choose to wear tights/nylons select one with a black on black pattern, adds an element of style.

- Trace your shape: Fit is essential. Your pieces should fit your frame perfectly and your hems at the proper length, otherwise you will look frumpy. Make sure your proportions are on scale, pair a leather moto jacket with a slimming bottom or a wide leg trouser pant with a fitted top. Throw a large belt around a dress or jacket to accentuate your curves.

- Add a punch of levitra online reviews color: Include a touch of color by incorporating a leopard pointy toe pump, a cobalt clutch or a bright red lip. Let your all black outfit be a simple palette to show off your colorful statement necklace or bright chunky ring. Toss on a funky gold belt, multiple matching metallic bangles or a long gold necklace pendant and channel the always in fashion 1970’s vibe at Studio 54 (awesome).

I challenge you….head to your closet and pull out your best “black out”. Wear it to work, date night or skipping around town. I promise that you will feel as chic as the woman clicking her heels down Fifth Avenue. As always, I hope that I have inspired you to rethink your next outfit. If I have done so, don’t forget to send me a picture or message me!

xo -CK

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