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I am not a complete slave to fashion.

That’s a strong statement! But it is the honest truth.

I do not necessarily follow all the trends and won’t tie myself, or anyone else, down to a particular fashion fad. As a stylist, my goal is to help you discover your style and love it.

Everyone has a style.

About Candace Rosenberg - personal fashion stylist

Shirt: Elizabeth McKay / Sweater: found in Paris / Necklace: J Crew / Rhinestone skull necklace: Meghan La


You may not recognize it, but you do. And I believe that one’s true style is very personal. What works for you might not work for others. For years women followed the same “inform” of dress based upon that specific decade. If a particular designer in the past told you to wear a specific style people would wear it whether it suited them or not. I read a quote in a recent Harper’s Bazaar that said “designers have realized that the modern woman doesn’t come in a cookie cutter package”, I could not agree more. The times we are living in now is a complete change from the “cookie cutter”. WE are in charge of creating our own “inform”.

Fashion today allows us to express our own personality. Pintrest, blogs, magazines and fashion websites give us a creative outlook to find ideas and styles that best suits our own needs. We can change our personal style daily, from bohemian one day to urban prepster the next, all from the knowledge (information) so easily obtained by our fingertips. With just a click, we can get ideas on how to enhance our own personal style.

Candace Rosenberg - Personal Fashion Stylist - New York - New Jersey - Connecticut - Candace Kristin

Dress: Alexis / Necklace: BCBG / Rhinestone statement necklace: J Crew / Ring: Meghan La


Do you need a stylist or ever thought would it would be like to work with one? Here are a few clues that you might benefit from working with me. Do you own clothing that still have tags on it? Do you find yourself staring blankly into your closet, muttering “I have nothing to wear”? Do you have items of clothing that you love but rarely wear because you don’t know what to pair with them? Do you wear less than 50% of your wardrobe? If yes, working with me does not mean investing tons of money in a whole new wardrobe. In fact, I promise (that’s a big word) I will style you completely out of the 50% of your wardrobe you are not currently wearing. So put the credit card down and stop shopping. I am going to shop you right out of your existing wardrobe.

Working with me, you will see I don’t do a bunch of “try this” and “try that” when it comes to understanding your personal style. A lot of thought and creativity will go into helping you fine tune you and your wardrobe. I am a personal stylist that requires you to fill out a questionnaire prior to meeting me. I use this to understand your unique style and what you are looking to convey to the universe around you. Many stylists do not do this – I find that completely mind bending. How can they know what to recommend to you if they don’t know you?!

In short, I am not trying to create a world of my minions, where everyone looks the same. My desire is to create the best version of YOU, and to have you love it! Yves Saint Laurent said it best “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it”. I believe in empowering woman and men (PERIOD!).

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